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But one court came to the conclusion for example, that the online gambling (different from sports-betting) lies outside the domain of the Wire Act.Online gambling is still a very young industry and as such the test of time has yet to root out many of the less reputable casinos.I have always been anti- gambling, largely on the basis that having never won anything, not even a toffee apple in a school raffle, I simply can't see theOLYMPIA -- Anti-tax activist Tim Eyman's initiative to expand gambling and lower property taxes has made it onto the fall ballot..

Several students of gambling regulation see potential problems with a board in which different members have different ideas about what is required of them.ERIE, Pa. The chief of a gambling company that wants to build a new racetrack and casino in Erie County now says he favors a site in Summit Township.Little longer. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission voted four-to-one today to lift a moratorium on new gambling licenses. ChairmanAUSTRALIA -- As reported by the Australian Advertiser: "The first definitive study of the effects of all forms of gambling on the state's economy will be.

. said Friday that it had decided to stop running advertisements for Internet casinos on its Web site, delivering another blow to the online gambling industry.As Nebraska voters contemplate two November ballot initiatives that would legalize casino gambling, Nebraska's tribes are looking at ways to take advantage ofJo Anne Mary Rhodes pleaded guilty to 75 fraud-related charges. Rhodes claimed she had a heavy gambling addiction and lost control.His federal tax return. He was making more from online gambling than he was as a car salesman. The State Gaming Division received.

Formed in July, the township's gambling study subcommittee hasn't met once. "The state gambling commission has not yet started meeting either.".CINCINNATI - The lease between football's Cincinnati Bengals and Hamilton County that bans gambling along the city's central riverfront could be a problem forMalta's WorldMatch has become the first online gambling system licensed and regulated fully by an EU member country. This is the.

By STEVE ANDERSEN. INGLEWOOD, Calif. - An initiative that could lead to the installation of slot machines at five California racetracks.

BANGKOK, Nov 3 (TNA) -- Ten foreign online gambling websites will soon be blocked locally, according to a senior police officer.Interviewed 843 senior citizens. Nearly 70 percent said they took part in at least one gambling activity in the past year. Of that number.

Yahoo has responded to a lawsuit filed against it and twelve other major search engines, which accuses it of profiting illegally from online gambling listings.CLEVELAND (AP) -- Gambling has long been taboo in professional sports. "Obviously, we have rules and regulations regarding gambling," Colangelo said Wednesday..