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Prescott Allegation for the Day

Scandal riddled Deputy Prime Minister it seems is being given an everyday ration of intrigues.

The latest of which is that he accepted free tickets to a football match from casino tycoon Philip Anschutz.

Prescott reportedly attended the said football game while on a visit to Anschutz's Home Depot Center in Los Angeles July of 2004.

July seems to be a favorite month, as it was also in July 2005 that he stayed on the billionaire's Colorado estate, where he is said to have been given an elaborate Wild West outfit estimated to cost around $20,000.

During his L.A. visit, he was reportedly given a tour of the development, together with other dignitaries including the city mayor, and the tour included a football match featuring the LA Galaxy team, also owned by the businessman.

One of Anschutz's company, Anschutz Entertainment Group, is bidding for the license to build Britain's first super casino to replace the Millennium Dome in London.

Prescott is already facing a full probe by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Sir Philip Mawer, under the allegations that he has been in violation of the Ministerial Code, which prohibits the acceptance of hospitality and gifts that might make the minister obliged to grant favors to the giver.

A spokeswoman has confirmed that Prescott indeed was present at the football match.

"He went to the football match because it was part of the visit to the Home Depot Centre, which is an enormous regeneration establishment in LA," she said. "It's a key part of the regeneration project for the area."