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Win Games Through Alertness

Tips on how to win in gambling typically talk about capital, odds and strategies. One often overlooked - but vital - aspect in gambling is a player's mental and physical alertness. Players should always determine before deciding to participate in a game their physical and mental condition.

A player's skill in gambling is inevitably tied with one's mental alertness. And mental alertness is closely related to one's physical condition. If a player is inebriated, sleepy or fatigued, one's chances of winning are sure to plummet, and more money will be lost to the House or to one's opponents. Even if one is highly skilled, a player's capacity to use these skills to the fullest are crippled if a one cannot think clearly in the middle of the game.

Players are at their mental and physical peak in their first few hours at the gambling table. Their minds are well-rested, their focus unwavering. However, after several hours or a lengthy series of games at the gambling table, a player's senses are sure to be dulled from overplaying.

This can only spell disaster for a player, especially if the game requires critical decision-making such as when to bet and how much money should be risked on the gambling table. A player is also less likely to remember the odds of winning a game or the cards that were already dealt out, again hindering the player to devise strategies suitable for the situation.

Moreover, if a player is mentally alert, one can lessen the chances of being cheated, especially in private games. While reputable casinos typically have safeguards against cheats on the gambling tables, there is little assurance in games played in smaller and private venues. Players who are sleepy or drunk also tend to be sloppy in handling their cards. Imagine sleepy or drunk players attempting to pull off a poker face!

Alert players also tend to be more observant to the nuances that can be indicative of cheating, such as cards that have suspicious markings, or forbidden non-verbal communication between casino employees and players.

If a player feels tired or lacking in focus, it is best to quit playing and call it a night. There will always be a next time. Or if a player insists on continuing, then one should take a break and withdraw from competitive play for the meantime.

Common sense has it that in any game, a player has to be in tiptop mental and physical condition. Gambling games are no exception. Win games and conquer opponents at the gambling table with superior alertness.